TSE 013: “The Best Way To Get Referrals, Is To Give Referrals” Bryan Daly

Bryan DaleyIn this episode I interview Bryan Daly who is a local financial expert. Three years ago Bryan Daly started a local networking group after he left the mortgage industry. Bryan’s networking group (Palm Beach Business Connection: Your Link to Local Business) has grown to over 15,000 members strong and stretches across multiple states. When Bryan started his networking group, he built it on the premise that “anything of real value only multiple when it is given freely”.

While speaking with Bryan he gave some great advise, I didn’t write them all down, but here are a few major takeaway from our conversation:

    • Go to networking events with the idea to see what you can give
    • Networking is more about farming than it is hunting
    • When you go to a networking event, seek to make a new friend every time
    • When you give a referral, others will want to give you something in return (try it!)
    • If you give a referral, make it easy for the receiver by preparing the prospect and being there for an in-person introduction if possible
    • A few books Bryan mentioned:Endless ReferralsThe Go-GiverThe Slight Edge
    • Bryan’s group “Your Link to Local Business”  is focused on the right mix of online and offline networking

If you enjoyed learning from Bryan today, feel free to connect with him here at bryan@bryandaly.com

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