TSE 015: Communicating Your Value with Katherine Kotaw

Katherine KotawDo you really know how to build a relationship that will transform prospects into long time clients? On today’s episode, Katherine Kotaw explains how properly communicating your value will help you build strong relationships with your prospects.

Katherine is the CEO of KOTAW Content Marketing, an international marketing agency headquartered in Los Angeles. Katherine is the queen of story telling and has mastered the art of presenting value. She is a New York Times-acclaimed writer. Katherine and her KOTAW team currently help Fortune 500 and smaller brands build their brand and how to market themselves properly.

Here are some of the major take aways from this episode:

  • Build a relationship first instead of going for the sale
  • Brand yourself before someone else does
  • People want to make a connection with you, use those social media sites wisely
  • Learn  the real definition of communication and how to use it
  • Learn effective ways to personally connect with your prospects
  • A great presentation is more than just a fancy powerpoint
  • Seek to connect with your audience by “feeling” the mood of the room
  • Seek to become a great story teller because people always love a good story

You can connect with Katherine at Kotaw.com. She is also on LinkedIn , TwitterGoogle+ or Facebook.



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